How to get a refund for personal income tax when buying a home?

Taxpayers who have the right to tax refund when buying residential real estate can receive a relying asset deduction in two alternative ways:

Purpose of corresponding statement in enterprise accounting.

The employer, having addressed with the corresponding statement in enterprise accounting. Such a statement employees have the right to submit immediately after registration of the transaction of purchase and sale of residential real estate. In addition to the statement, an employee wishing to receive a property deduction is required to provide the accountant with a notice to the employer received by the payer of personal income tax in the tax inspection. After the submission of the relevant notice, the employing enterprise will cease to withhold the 13% income tax from the employee’s salary, and the employee will receive an “increased” salary in the accounting department until he receives all the property deduction due. If this amount is not received for the year at the enterprise, the taxpayer will have to submit a new notification from the tax authorities in the new year.

Tax services

In the tax service (in the territorial unit), applying there at the end of the year, when the taxpayer made the appropriate purchase of housing. If the employees of the Tax Service in Australia, having checked the declaration and the attached documents, consider the information provided as sufficient grounds for the return of personal income tax when buying housing, the money is transferred to the taxpayer on the settlement account. Taxpayers who bought housing can claim a tax refund for several years (from one to three years). For example, a taxpayer who has issued a home purchase in 2015 can apply for a return of annual personal income tax in 2016 or wait until 2018 and receive a refund for 2015, 2016, 2017. Required Documentation In each specific situation it is desirable to clarify the list of documentation necessary for the return of the personal income tax paid by the taxpayer to the inspection of the place of residence.

Aussie Federal Tax Service require

As a rule, the territorial divisions of the Tax Service in Australia require the following documents: Taxpayer Tax Identification Number; certificate of income received (form 2-NDFL) from the employer’s accounting department, which is drawn up for all previous months of the reporting calendar year; entitlement documentation for purchased (built) housing. This could be a residential property purchase or sale agreement; payment documentation certifying the fact of payment for housing (a receipt for receipt of money by the seller, checks, receipts from the developer, payment orders and other confirmations of the fact of payment); registration certificate for purchased residential property;


The taxpayer’s application for the tax return of personal income tax; data of the employer if the taxpayer wishes to receive a notification (TIN, CCP, legal, actual address); a declaration of the income of the payer of personal income tax for the relevant periods when he wishes to receive a refund (up to three years).

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